Savvy Shoppers & the Rising Need for AI Pricing Solutions


Online stores are popping up across the globe on a daily basis, with an estimated 12–24 million eCommerce sites, globally. The pandemic birthed many first-time online shoppers and accelerated the shift to eCommerce amidst country-wide lockdowns and mandatory curfews. The growing eCommerce landscape has led to an explosion of shopping options for buyers, and the competition has intensified.

With 88% of online shoppers comparing prices, how can retail businesses ensure they are not losing sales to their competitors due to inflexible pricing? The answer lies in data-driven pricing. And on how retailers can leverage this competitor and market data to influence prices that best resonate with shoppers.

In this ebook, you will learn about:

  • The challenges with manual pricing solutions
  • The rise in comparison shoppers and its implications
  • The need for AI-driven pricing solutions in today's competitive landscape
  • What makes Intelligence Node's pricing solutions unique

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