Product match solution to decode your competitors merchandising strategy.

Get instant access to the worlds largest GTIN, UPC and EAN product database.

Competitor benchmarking - Your competitor is selling that you do not have.

What is the overlap, what is unique to you.

Better positioning of your product among similar ones.

Check real-time prices and discounts for products that are similar to yours.

Discover brand-level gaps in your catalogue so you can go head-to-head with the competition.

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Customer Testimonials
"Categories are evolving but the problem we have faced is competition. We need to understand how our category or products are developing versus other categories & competition. This is where Intelligence Node comes in."
Mederic Payne,
CEO, Home Centre
"One of the important features is the multilingual mapping capability. Indonesia is a dominant Bahasa speaking country. Incompetitor has been very useful in pulling information, not only internally with descriptions, but also externally across global brands."
Amit Keswani,
Vice President, MAP