In Commerce Conversations: Overcoming Barriers to Retail Innovation

How to Maximize the Benefits of Technology Adoption

Nearly two-thirds of retailers expected digital investments to increase profitability last year, according to a BDO survey. However, evaluating, procuring, and implementing technology with the aim of delivering strategic benefits and customer value is fraught with challenges. 

This webinar draws upon decades of wisdom from four leading experts, who will share their perspectives from all angles of the enterprise retail innovation process: as practitioners, advisors, and vendors. 

They will discuss how successful technology implementation largely depends on how the organization addresses, prioritizes, and enables itself around these three pillars: the what, the who, and the how.

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Paula Rosenblum
Co-founder & Analyst
Sucharita Kodali
VP & Principal Analyst
Miya Knights
Retail Technology Magazine Publisher,Author, Consultant
Sanjeev Sularia
CEO & Co-founder
Intelligence Node
Lucy Nicholls
VP, Marketing & Design
Intelligence Node
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