How AI-Driven Technologies Are Shaping Grocery Retail in 2022

How AI Driven

The rapid shift to grocery eCommerce amidst COVID-19 has opened up a world of untapped opportunities in the form of digital retail, for the food retail and edible CPG industry. By 2023, online grocery sales are predicted to reach $129.72 billion and will account for nearly 10% of total grocery sales in the US alone.

This sudden but lasting change means grocers, brands, and supermarkets need to add an AI-based, eCommerce approach to their business models in order to capitalize on this industry transformation in 2022.

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  1. New Opportunities in Food Retail Product Planning
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  3. Role of AI in Food Retail Product Assortment Planning
  4. Best Practices for AI Food Retail Product Assortment Planning
  5. Tech Investment and Deployment for Robust AI Grocery eCommerce Planning
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