Harnessing the 3 Vs of eCommerce Data for Competitive Differentiation

Harness the 3

The pace and complexity at which eCommerce is evolving is daunting and technology is largely shaping which brands and retailers thrive and which merely survive. More highly informed, price-sensitive, and channel-agnostic shoppers have forced retail businesses to reimagine their business models and strategic roadmaps to craft experiences that can be highly personalized - all while meeting their price expectations. 

Crafting such complex customer experiences first requires an understanding of what they want, inferred from multiple sources of data. And the ability to harness this data at speed (velocity) and scale (volume), as well as in structured and unstructured forms from multiple, trusted, and/or third-party sources (variety), can be a powerful differentiator.

In the following sections, we set out what you should look for when selecting a data analytics vendor using examples and use cases from Intelligence Node. You will learn:

  • Why data readiness matters in retail today
  • The cost of data error in businesses
  • What to look for in a data vendor
  • Intelligence Node's high velocity data listening, data standardization, and product matching
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