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Five Steps To Future-Proofing Your Brand

For brand manufacturers, the world has changed a lot in the last year!

We invite you to join us for an in-depth discussion with Forrester VP and Retail Principal Analyst Sucharita Kodali as she outlines new insights on how brands can accelerate growth in an evolving digital world.

In conversation with Intelligence Node VP of Marketing, Leela Gill, Ms. Kodali will review the most important elements of a DTC site, the impact of diversified distribution channels, and the criticality of distribution and pricing governance. In addition, she will explain how a powerful earned media presence and brand value communication approach creates real differentiation with the new online shopper.

To top it all off, Ms. Kodali will share real-world brand examples of these best practices in action - providing you a truly high-value benchmark from which to measure your own business.

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About The Speakers

Sucharita Kodali
VP & Principal Analyst

Sucharita serves digital business strategy professionals. She is an expert on eCommerce, omnichannel retail, consumer behavior, and trends in the online shopping space. She is also an authority on technology developments that affect the online commerce industry and vendors that facilitate online marketing and merchandising.

In her research, Sucharita covers such consumer-oriented topics as eCommerce forecasting and trends, merchandising best practices, conversion optimization, and social computing in the retail world. She has also authored "The State Of Retailing Online," a joint study conducted annually with NRF. Prior to Forrester, Sucharita was the director of marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue, where she managed the customer acquisition, retention, and market research efforts for the $2 billion luxury retailer's online channel.

Leela Gill
VP Marketing & Design
Intelligence Node

Leela Gill is a seasoned SaaS-based marketer and change management thought leader in the Retail, FinTech, and HR Tech sectors. Her expertise targets entrepreneurial businesses selling into the global B2B market and includes strategy, brand development, campaign creation, field marketing, and demand generation.

She is a Forbes Contributor and has presented at B2B conferences, conducted industry webinars and authored several papers on change management best practices. Leela earned an engineering degree from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree from Duke University, and a black belt degree in TaeKwonDo Martial Arts.

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