Consumer Buying Behavior Report, 2023

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2022 is behind us and entering into 2023 has invoked mixed emotions in all of us. Mainly due to the grim conditions surrounding the global economy, with inflation at an all-time high, job cuts and layoffs through the roof, and recession slowly inching toward us. 

To help retailers and brands navigate these challenging times, we have put together a consumer survey report with responses from over 1000 US shoppers to bring you concrete, reliable insights into consumer trends, buying behavior, and changing outlook.

This report is a go-to guide for retailers and brands to understand consumer sentiments across the buying journey and leverage new insights that can feed top-line growth in the coming year. 

In this report we cover:
  • What consumer expectations are dominating retail amidst inflation?
  • Which retail trends are gaining popularity in 2023?
  • What technologies and strategies can retailers use to grow in 2023? 
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