Retail Pricing: Evolving from Dinosaur to Dynamic

Can product pricing really be the determining factor in whether your business fails or succeeds? In the age of e-commerce, the answer is a definitive “YES.” More and more retailers every day are recognizing that intuitive pricing can help them grow their business and compete with e-commerce behemoths like Amazon and Alibaba.
Learn whether your legacy pricing system is up to the task and discover areas where your current technology won’t cut it. Enable your retail business to compete with e-commerce bigwigs like Amazon through a dynamic pricing model. This e-book contains actionable tips to increase margins and boost customer loyalty through smarter pricing that attracts – and never alienates – your core customer base.
This free guide from Intelligence Node will help you quickly determine whether your existing pricing system is helping your business evolve or holding you back. Discover how to get a handle on your back-of-house technology to help your business compete in the new era of retail with this free, easy-to-follow guide on how to recognize the limitations of your existing system, and successfully implement a dynamic pricing strategy that really works.
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