Reclaim Your Brand: A Guide to AI-driven MAP Monitoring

A Guide to Reclaiming Brand Control-book-cover

A recent Forrester survey states that online marketplaces in the US constituted 46% of online sales and a whopping 61% of global e-commerce sales, and that was before the pandemic. In addition, these marketplaces often act as a channel for selling counterfeit or unauthorized goods at cutthroat prices, harming traditional retailers, brands, and duping consumers into believing they are receiving the same products for lower prices. 

With brands selling thousands of products through hundreds of retailers on multiple platforms and marketplaces online, monitoring all of them for brand compliance can become a huge challenge.

Access this ebook to learn more about:

  1. Tackling the unwarranted rise in counterfeit products
  2. Protecting your IP and Brand Integrity with Rigorous E-Governance 
  3. Leveraging AI-driven MAP monitoring for Brand and Price Protection 
  4. Best Practices to Implement a Robust MAP Policy
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