2024 Consumer Buying
Behavior Report

Intelligence Node surveyed 1000+ US shoppers to decode the nuances of consumer behavior in an ever-evolving retail landscape. The research assesses the impact of inflation on US consumers, understanding how economic factors shape purchasing decisions, particularly as shoppers increasingly leverage digital tools like image search and online product research for the best prices. The report also spotlights several key themes surrounding the digital shopper today including the digital shelf, sustainable retail, product content, and more. This understanding is critical for retailers and brands to tailor their strategies in a changing economic landscape.

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Here’s what our research uncovered:

  • To counter inflation, more shoppers plan to compare products online to find the best deals and prices.
  • Marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart are the most preferred shopping channels amongst the majority of shoppers.
  • More shoppers plan to increase retail spending in 2024 vis a vis the previous year, even amidst economic instability.
  • Shoppers base their buying decisions on the content and image quality of product pages.
  • Google Search followed by Amazon.com are the top choices to begin product search online.

Top trends based on the survey of
1000 US shoppers:

Price sensitivity reaches new heights
of shoppers find deals, competitive prices, and lower-priced variants to combat inflation
Free, fast delivery wins hearts
of shoppers voted free, fast delivery as the most important decision-making factor
Shoppers use tested channels to discover products online
of product searches begin on Google Search & Amazon.com
Product page content gains importance
of shoppers claim that inaccurate/missing product info and images lead to page abandonment
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